Tussey's Casual Grill, Omaha, NE

young griller's menu

For diners 12 years and younger.  Served with choice of fruit or fries, kid’s drink & a treat.

KIDS HAMBURGER OR CHEESEBURGER Served with dill pickles. 4.99

GRILLER’S PASTA & MEATBALLS Tender pasta with red sauce and meatballs. 4.99

MAC & CHEESE Crazy pasta with our homemade cheese sauce…yum yum! 4.99

silver dollar PANCAKES Three kid-sized pancakes served with crispy bacon and warm syrup. 4.99

CHICKEN tenders Breaded tenders with BBQ or ranch dippin’ sauce. 4.99

9229 Mormon Bridge Plaza • Omaha, Nebraska • 68152 • 402-884-2288


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